Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Be yourself

I was really going with a vampirism theme today but something I read made me change the topic for today. You’ll have to wait on my random musings about vampires in literature, I promise to do it another day though.

We (as in humanity) seem to have a tendency to label and categorize things. A good example for this could be music, there’s a certain genre of almost everything and it gets quite confusing with some of this “genres” of music, you can’t say a group does metal nowadays you just have to specify which kind of metal they do. The same thing happens with literature and cinema and almost every other thing in the world, even with clothes!! Who the hell invented the term Vintage for Pete’s sakes?!

You could see it as a way to differentiate yourself against the rest of the world, this way you can say that you’re a punk rocker who likes gothic novels and buy your clothes in second hand shops. That doesn’t make you different my friend; it makes you a part of a larger group. Because even when you think you’re some kind of renegade you have found a place where you fit in.

What irks me the most is when we feel the need to catalog people into different sex options. So nowadays it’s just like you have to state if you’re gay, lesbian, hetero or bisexual. I don’t understand love (or lust for the nonbelievers) like something that depends on the gender. I understand love as a feeling that someone stirs in you, whether it’s woman or man or the both of them at the same time. I believe you fall in love with the person, so as you can see I’m some kind of social outcast for thinking like that. Good girls marry good guys and have nice children (that’s a topic for another day).

My point is that I don’t want to be categorized as some kind of specimen in a museum, this is who I am. The girl that thinks of life in terms like “I love it or “I hate it”. The girl who’s not afraid o try different things just because she wants to (not because that would make her different or cool),tThe girl who has fallen in love with boys and girls and she even believes than people can be in love with to different people (providing they have a heart enough to love, mind you). But what I really am is the girl who is not afraid of letting go of the boundaries impossed by society when se deems it necessary. And I ask you this, why would you kill to defend your family k(nowing that killing is really something despicable) but will never try sex (best thing in the world) with someone your same sex? Maybe one day you'll find soemone who stirs that particualr emotion on you and then you'll remember my words. Until then, please don't judge the rest, and please stop referring people with their sex option. He's not gay, he's just himself!
What does that make me? Let me tell you, it makes me “Me” and I couldn’t be happier with myself.

Would you have the guts to love me? Would you have the guts to be yourself no matter what they think of you? Just know that since I'm maried we will have to make a mènage a trois?


Mr. Cute Engineer said...

I've never thought about what you say of killing to defend your family but no sex with someone with same sex.. but is a good point of view, like it.

And I don't know if i have understood well, but just in case, for the mènage a trois, count on me.. ;)

Mrs Bitter said...

Well, now we have just have to get the Uruk-hai to accept, and maybe we can start in Mordor! Just a thought! Call you tonight!

Mr. Cute Engineer said...

You see? Now you have convinced me to go to Mordor..

mmm.. like the word start, means that not just once.. it's cooler than coldplay

Mrs Bitter said...

Never ever ever mention Coldplay again in this blog! Sacrilege!

Mr. Cute Engineer said...

Very sorry. Was the last time, sure..

Mr. Cute Engineer said...
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Mr. Cute Engineer said...

Oh, and answering your questions.. of course I have the guts to love you (i think you knew that), and for being myself.. well i know only a few people thinks well of me (and i'm not one of them), so i can try..